Evacuate reported on their breakup

Teenage Waste | 03/22/2017

Evacuate reported about their breakup. One month later after 10 years anniversary show South-Californian punk rockers posted goodbye message on their facebook page:

«When your band breaks up after a decade it is not an easy pill to swallow.
I am proud of Evacuate. We did everything on our own including starting our own record label. From the bands beginnings at the demise of Cheap Sex until our present day we have been through so much together. Nobody was like us. We could not be pigeon holed as a 'street punk' band or a hardcore band, or a crust band, or anything.
If there was one message I hope Evacuate helped get through to people is that punk is not an excuse to be stupid. Use your fucking brain and think of punk as a way to provide a better alternative - which it is.
Thank you to all the members of Evacuate over the years, and to those who supported us along the way.

Evacuate was formed in 2007 by vocalist Mike Virus, ex-member of The Virus and Cheap Sex after the last one broke up and Karlos, known by Lab Rats. For the time of existance the band released 3 full-length albums and several EPs, toured over United States and Europe. Nothing is known about reasons of breakup and future plans of band members.

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