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It's not really an illness you know.It's who I am. I embrace my fucked up nature, and accept being crazy. It's what make's me a spastic kid. It's what makes me proud.
Teenage Waste fanzine #2 | 08/31/2015

In the first issue of Teenage Waste fanzine you have had possibility to read an interview with dutch band Gewapend Beton. Guys have told us about their friend, artist, Sam Andrea, who draw a cover art for them. "This guy is really great, one of the most talented creative punks we’ve met in years. His work is dirty, rude and a bit perverse, and it really suits our taste of drawing technique", this is what musicians told about Sam. His style is also attracted us and we decided to write him. Sam turned out to be very friendly and sociable man and even agreed to send photos of his works to make an "exhibition" in our fanzine. This interview was printed in Teenage Waste fanzine #2.

TW: Hi Sam! Tell me when you find in yourself an ability of drawing? When you made your first finished painting?
Sam: I've been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. my first oil painting I finished and liked was about a year ago when I started working with my teacher Frans Franciscus. he tought me the techniques I use today.
I know that you drew cover of the last gewapend beton album? How much time did it take? They liked it on a short notice or you had to correct something? Tell how did you get familiar with them?
In Amsterdam most of the punx know each other. I've known them for a long time. at first just from a distance. the catacomb punx (the guys I was hanging with) didnt quite get along with the embryo punx (GB crew). I never cared for that bullshit so I hung out with both of the crews. then I started the local spastics with Julian Tailleur and and Bo Broek then I guess the music brought us together.

 I’ve heard about embryo punx. But nothing about catacomb punx. Can you tell me about this guys? Why they called them such name? And how much guys was there?
The catacomb was a squad in amsterdam where these labs met, in the bar that was ainstald in the basement. there were about 20/30 of em, and they where my friends. tom and bas, alsow known as "the evil twins", and nemania and nadia where verry close to me. also hannes and mikey who botf died, mikey of chocking on his own puke and hannes died in his sleap (rip). this squad was kleend out by the riot squad a long time ago. thats when the catacomb punx stopt existing.

Which bands you have also helped with art?
I did the artwork for a sick mormons t-shirt, a lot of things for gewapend beton and almost evrything for the local spastics. I did some other grafic design things but i mostly just paint.

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How does the process of art creation goes? Band tells you an idea? Or you put forward your own ideas after listening to their music?
it's a bit of both. they give me there ideas, and I give them mine. if I like one of there ideas or they like one of mine we go on with that concept
Do you get paid for your drawings?
Yes, I do
I’ve read in your blog that you were ill of autistic disturbance. If it’s not difficult for you, can you tell what helped you to win through the illness?
It's not really an illness you know. its who I am. I embrace my fucked up nature, and axept being crazy. its what make's me a spastic kid. its what makes me proud.
I’ve also seen in your blog a picture called “mijn kamp” with drinking fascists. As I understand it’s a wordplay with “Mein Kampf”. What that picture symbolize? It’s about your attitude to children camps? Flashback from your childhood?
Mein kampf means "my war" in german. Thats just a little joke for kamp does mean camp in dutch. the painting symbolises mankinds stupidity. in the painting you can see a lot of symbols and objects refering to modern civilisation. to greed, power, violence and capitalism. its just some of my frustrations on canvas really.


I’ve noticed that you often draw swastikas and fascist soldiers. I understand that you’re not racist but it anyway seems like some kinda fetish. Don’t you think those pictures just attract needless attention of people to this ‘culture’? And how people respond to these pictures?
Yeah i know. but most of the time i make a joke out of it and some times i just like to provoke people. in holland we have a verry right wing government and its getting to the point where its almost fascist. i want people to look at the past and know that we can not let this rightwing nazi government drag us apart once again. by joking and fucking around with this theme we keep the past alive so people dont forget! 

Where do you get inspiration for you paintings?
Life. I often paint friends or situations I've been in. I also like to get people to think about life by pissing them off. 

I know that you also play in band. Please tell about it. What genre do you play? And maybe about releases or plans?
The genre is best described as punk rock ´n roll. we´ve released our first  7 inch cald "daily routine" record containing 5 songs about half a year ago on darcy trash records. we play mostly in holland and germany, but russia would be nice to! we´re almost done with our new demo cd and will be starting recording our new full length record as soon as possible.

I saw in your facebook a photo, where you are a little kid and wear a clothing with sex pistols’ patch. So you have been punk since childhood? How did you get involved in this?
I got involved in punk rock when i heard some old sex pistols tracks that my unckle played. I liked old rock'n roll from when i was a verry small child and this punk rock, I liked it. I fucking hated the stupid eminem hip hop gangster shit. I wanted to do something diferent. I was the ownly punk in school at the time. I was bullied but soon got respect for fighting good in school and I was exepted as an outsider. the catacomb punx where the first real punx i got involved with and they were my brothers in arms. they came up for me as i would for them. we where a kind of gang.

Do you have a job? If yes how do you manage your time to work, draw and rehears?? How much time do you sleep?))
Haha, I work as a bartender at night, at daylight i paint and in the weekend I play shows, we dont really sleep at all. thank god for speed!

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