Death Alley released debut LP with their black-magic spells

Teenage Waste | 07/17/2015

Death Alley rock-shamans from Amsterdam finally released their debut album. The quartet contains former members of Gewapend Beton, the band started as mohawked hardcore punk rock and which we wrote about in first issue of our fanzine. Musical preferences have been expanded, they started making advances to old rock'n'roll and metal and over time it led to creating of absolutely new project. Death Alley went even deeper to heavy metal, added sound of old psychodelic rock, but at the same time they didn't lose their punk energy. Locked in studio they have recorded 8-songs album, now avalaible on CD & LP, released by Tee Pee Records. Debut album has a mystical name "Black Magick Boogieland", which is quite good captures the essence of the musical component. It is, indeed, sounds like some kind of spell. 

Unfortunately we can't share digital version of album, there's no one on band's bandcamp, order it through label. But we want to share a video from album presentation in Berlin where we had luck to be.

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