KISSA: I want to play in a dangerous band

An explosive mix of punk rock, glam, rock and roll and Finnish sauna.
Teenage Waste | 03/11/2021

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We present to your attention the debut single and music video of the Finnish punk rock / glam / rock and roll band KISSA called "Dangerous band".

Beyond there is a slightly adapted Google-translate translation from Finnish from the website of the releasing label. Sorry.

KISSA is guitarist, singer and songwriter Günter Kivioja's wild, arrogant and pompous alter-ego. It was born out of one person's need to extract the most primitive, fun and simple rock energy, and icing it with glitter and pop hooks. The band draws its musical and lyrical power from the carefree origin of rock ‘n’ roll, the glam aesthetics of the early 1970s, the theatricality of early heavy metal, and passionate love.

"The love of friends is what makes life worth living, so I put together a dangerous band around me. KISSA is simple and fun, but it also has a deeper idea,” says Kivioja.

A disc set that threatens integrity and strength consists of deliberate hooks, crisp and fierce riffs, massive synaveras, and appropriately tongue-in-cheek stories. Still, beneath the gentle bubbling surface lives a sensitive and tender lover. Dangerous Band is a multi-sensory experience.

LP will come out on Svart Records on 4th of June 2021. Pre-order the album HERE.

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