Hard Wax – Don't stop the beat

Bangers-filled bovver rock album from Britain
Teenage Waste | 05/26/2023

Top release from the bovver rock gang from the UK. In the last post I wrote about gasoline rock'n'roll dirt. Here it's the opposite - also rock'n'roll, but different, and sounds as pure as a happy skinhead tear that just finished cleaning his martin.

Bovver rock is a genre born in the mid-'70s. Bovver is a cockney word for aggressive behavior. Bovver boots - so in Britain were called high boots, often with a steel insert in the toe, which were popular in unsavory subcultural circles. And the genre emerged on the wave of fascination of this subcultural youth with bands like Slade. In general bovver rock is a kind of proto-noir or glamrock for hooligans.

The new album Hard Wax - Don't Stop The Beat, released at the end of October 2022, is powerful, melodic and 100% hit. In the opinion of the releasing label Rebellion Records it is their best work ???? I have only one complaint: you could squeeze out more than 8 tracks for the single.

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