Por Favor: the melodic hardcore punk phenomenon from Chelyabinsk

First edition on physical media
Teenage Waste | 03/11/2021

Por Favor is a bright representative of a small hardcore punk scene of the giant industrial city of Chelyabinsk.

Por favor is a phenomenon. Not because it was played by members of the Chelyabinsk band Fenomen 30.10.38 (one of the first hardcore bands in Chelyabinsk) and I - Lunokhod 1. And not because the name Por Favor seems the most "normal" in this list. 


This is a phenomenon, because when in the world on a wave of popularity were melodic hardcore punk bands with "female vocals" no one except Por Favor did not try to do something similar in Russia. 

It’s for sure not a thoughtless copying – Por Favor is original as Ural malachite. But it's hard to get away from associations with Canadian White Lung: fast minor songs, heartfelt lyrics, Katya’s screaming vocals. It's a pity that the capital-centrism of music lovers in Russia didn't let the sophisticated listeners pay attention the band definitely deserved.

In this album personal and local - for example, anger at the behavior of a drunk partner, resulting in the song "Pig" or track "Misanthrope", written about a friend - is surprisingly intertwined with historical events or cultural findings: the act of TV presenter Christine Chubbuck in a live broadcast or Tom Sankara, "African Che Guevara," or the song "Goya», the poem of Vosnesensky, which in the reinterpretation of the band sounds as if it was specially written for this dark music. 

Introducing our new release - the first and only Por Favor album on cassette, first released on media. The cassette is super limited edition in a nice matt bradpack with a fat booklet with texts and photos. This recording will take its rightful place on the shelves of fans of rare hardcore punk.

Download for free price on Bandcamp: https://vk.cc/aCH8eK 
Listen everywhere: https://sl.onerpm.com/6664290417

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