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Cassette version of The Virus "System Failure" is out now!
Teenage Waste | 03/26/2017

Cassette version of The Virus “System Failure” is out now on Teenage Waste Records!

The Virus formed in February 1998 in Philadelphia. They became one of the most active street punk bands of 90s. Along with The Casualties, A Global Threat and others, they influenced the formation of America's street punk scene. Their albums “Still Fighting For A Future”(2000) and “Nowhere To Hide”(2002) became cult classics all over the world and still sound relevant.

In 2017 The Virus came out with a new album. Their sound hardened, quality improved, and their influences from The Exploited and Discharge became more pronounced. However, it is the same well-known The Virus: simple, but not primitive, catchy guitar riffs, unordinary melodic solos, Paul's vocals — familiar by “Nowhere to hide”, and lyrics that are accessible and meaningful. Every song here is thought through to the smallest detail. The amount of energy in these 13 tracks is off scale.

A Cassette version is out as a limited edition of yellow and black pro-tapes that match other audio media in quality and longevity. There is also 6-panel (3 extra panel) j-card insert with lyrics.

Buy it now on our website: or on Storenvy: We ship worldwide!

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