Ноги Винни-Пуха have presented the new album

Teenage Waste | 04/19/2016

Moscow punk rockers Ноги Винни-Пуха (Legs of Winnie The Pooh) have released a brand new album called "Копролит" (Koprolit). The songs are rearranged and re-recorded versions of older songs from first two albums and also the track, "Королева краста" ("Queen of Crust"), which was released earlier as internet-single.

According to the band, "We've decided to remember what we had started from and to re-record our favorite but awfully recorded songs. We want to make everything accessible so your ears wouldn't be bleeding and we wouldn't cry with shameful tears".

Ноги Винни-Пуха has existed since 2001 and they play a high-energetic mix of street punk and reggae music. They have released 3 full-length albums and played an endless amount of shows in Moscow, St.Petersburg, and some others russian cities. The new album is avalaible for buying and downloading on Bandcamp. Presentation of the album is going to be in Moscow on 22 of April.

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  • Alex | 06/01/2016 12:20 PM
    Nice band!