• ОВОД - s/t | TW-06
    Tape cassette, 7 трек(ов), 07/2019
    ОВОД (spells like OVOD) is a caustic mix of old school hardcore with serious metal influence and ideal balance between melody and agression. It was a huge work done on vocals to make them sound not monotonous (read)
  • CD, 13 трек(ов), 12/2017
    Second full-length from Izhevsk hardcore (read)
  • Tape cassette, 12 трек(ов), 03/2017
    The Virus influenced the formation of american street punk scene of 90s. Their albums Still Fighting For A Future(2000) and Nowhere To Hide(2002) became cult all over the world. After more than 13 years of silence (read)
  • Tape cassette, 5 трек(ов), 09/2015
    From the streets of Oklahoma City comes a concentrated blast of anger generated from conflicts with the inner and outer world. This EP is testament to the raw energy that Hardcore Punk unleashes on us and it (read)
  • Tape cassette, 5 трек(ов), 02/2013
    5 years ago something went wrong on Togliatty car factory in Russia... Instead of "Zhiguli" from the assembly line came off the ruthless killing machine - band called Victims Of Terror. They play (read)
  • CD, 12 трек(ов), 05/2011
    Scrap Monsters play fast hardcore punk / street punk, inspired by so called 'mohawked' hardcore punk of late 90s/2000s like The Havoc, A Global Threat, Career (read)